Children Have The
Right To Good Food
Every Day


SEMPER has developed a new range of 100% Organic Baby cereals grown naturally and in line with nature’s rhythm and cycle. Only nurtured with fresh pure water, we give our cereals time to grow at their own pace. Cereals are available as plain rice cereal as well as multi grain cereals with vegetables, fruits and meat.

44% more food: 13 servings from one 208g tin

Due to the non-hydrolysed production process the cereals are concentrated. No sugar is produced during processing. Main part of cereals in the Chinese market is hydrolysed.

DHA from vegan algae oil

DHA – an omega-3 fatty acid – plays an important role in the growth and development of your baby. Research has shown that DHA may contribute to better brain and eye development.

Iron & Vitamin C

Iron contributes to normal cognitive development. Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of iron.

Above-average proportion of whole grains: 45-54%

Whole grains are proven to reduce risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Easy absorption & no lumps

when mixing – compared to other cereal brands on the Chinese market. Insures a smooth feeding for your baby.

Pure, natural, organic food.

We are proud to produce our food with the best ingredients available. Oats and fruit that has grown slowly but naturally. With carefully selected ingredients and gentle cooking, we take advantage of the best from nature. Semper Organic – it is pure, natural, organic food – with great taste.

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Pouches best baby snacks

The Semper Organic pouches are produced with few, natural ingredients. No sugar or salt has been added. Also, they are free of artificial colors and flavors.

Caring for our
little ones and
their taste
buds has
always been
our focus.

Our goal of is to offer Chinese parents superior quality products that shout ‘goodness’, ‘natural and organic’ and ‘just like home-made’. Offering food that tastes good and does good for children who will grow, mischief and develop is our most important task and we are constantly working to improve and develop it.

Good eating
habits early

We are proud to produce good and healthy food – with child-friendly taste and texture in a wide range of choices, that inspire children’s curiosity and enjoyment for food.

About Nutrition

Our history

With 80 years of expertise in Infant Nutrition, Semper is the leading player in the Nordic region in the categories of baby food and gluten-free. Semper is the most trusted brand in Sweden.

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Semper Organic

Imported Product in Original Packaging. Semper Organic Baby Products are developed in Sweden.

80 years af Expertise
in Infant Nutrition

Strict Quality Controls
for Highest Safety

No Added Sugar or Salt.
Free of Artifical Colours
and Flavours