About Semper

Semper is the leading producer of baby food and gluten free food in the Nordic European region. The company was founded in 1939 and is since 2006 a part of the international food group Hero, owned by the Oetker family. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Group has a total of 4,300 employees in 19 countries.

Children have the right to good food – every day

We make real food for children, because all children have the right to natural and good food, every day. to communicate the good of nature. Children are not small adults. Children are children, and during their first year, their body develops more than at any other time in life. Therefore, they need food that suits their very changing needs. Our products are based on Nordic traditions with natural ingredients. They are still based on Nordic, natural ingredients and traditions. We only use pure raw materials. Ingredients that are grown naturally and prepared with good taste without additives – just like you would do yourself at home in the kitchen.

Our ultimate aim is to make children happy with great and nutritious food products. And happy children make happy parents

From nature. Since 1939.

We use only a few components per product.  On the one hand, to create as much transparency as possible for the consumer, but also to convey the goodness of nature to children. We call it baby food quality, and we have been doing so since Ninni Kronberg laid the foundations for Semper in 1939, when she invented a new way of turning milk into powder and paved the way for infant formula. We do all this so that children only have to think about being children. And above all, you need to be confident that your child is eating good food that will help it grow and develop.